We guarantee the best rock salt directly from the mines to your table in a very efficient and professional manner, There are various mines scattered across the salt range of the country with seams that produce unique, varied and distinct salt types. Salt is extracted from different locations in the salt range. Main salt extraction points include Kalabagh, Quidabad, Pir Kahara, Karuli, Makrach and Khewra.


We at UNICA, deal with various qualities and types of rock salt depending on customer requirements.


Depending on your culinary or diet needs we have various shapes and grains of edible salt which are highly recommended for cooking and eating purposes. Himalayan salt’s cellular structure is quite different as it is known to store vibe rational energy and provides immunity to our body. Due to the structure of salt, minerals are easily absorbed by our bodies and work as a natural regular for blood pressure and eliminates toxic content from the body.


Our Salt lamps are authentic salt stones carved into perfection keeping in mind the desired shapes of the lamps. The extravagant designs are complimented by the adjustable lights within these lamps. The lamps possess the ability to absorb moisture from the air which helps you cleanse the harmful positive ions that are a prime cause of problems such as asthma, fatigue, breathing, issues and allergies. These lamps are designed in a way that makes them easy to clean and maintain. Our lamps not only promote a healthy lifestyle but at the same time are a modern piece of art that represent cultural norms of the ancient Himalayan Region.


Other products being offered by UNICA includes a number of articles that can be used in our daily routines. These products include salt licks, candle holders bathing products and kitchenware.